Our Culture

Every church has its own culture. Culture is defined as being the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group (Webster). Some churches have the culture of having many programs, while others have that of entertainment. Sadly, still others have the culture of formalism, pragmatism, dead religion, and traditionalism. Many times we see these things and, while there may be much excitement and worldly joy being generated, we may also find an attitude of pride, bitterness, carnality, and other fruits of the flesh in the church. We work hard at HBC to form and maintain a culture of godly love, humble learning, and submissive service to God. This is only possible as we learn the doctrine of Jesus Christ (which is found in His Word) and are filled with the Spirit of God.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of  HBC is to become more like Jesus. We are saved to become new creatures in Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 5:17), but this cannot happen unless we submit ourselves to learning and following after the Lord Jesus, while being filled with His Spirit. As we become more like Jesus, He fixes the broken and lacking things in our lives. He also allows us to bear the fruit of His Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and gives us the desire and ability to serve Him.

Our Mission:

The mission of HBC is to do the work of Jesus Christ on Earth, as we learn about Him and become more like Him through His Word. The work of Christ is ultimately to preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15) and train those that believe to eventually do the same. This mission is accomplished through a specific cycle that is revealed in God’s Word (Matthew 28:19-20):

  1. The Gospel is to be preached to the Lost
  2. Those that believe the Gospel are to be baptized
  3. Those that truly believe are to continue with the local church and learn the doctrine of Christ
  4. Those that have been taught Jesus’ doctrine are to preach it to others, of which some will believe, be baptized, and begin the cycle anew

Our Goal:

Our goal is very similar to the previous two: it is to end our race having been faithful to our purpose and mission. Many begin the race of the Christian life, but few end it having been faithful to Jesus’ purpose and mission for them. It must be said that we work very hard to ensure that the purpose, mission, and goal of HBC lines up with that of Jesus’. If we stray from His purpose, mission, and goal for us, then we have failed Him.

Our Vision:

Our vision is completed as we fulfill our purpose and mission and strive to reach our goal. We strive to not have worldly ambition to build a large congregation, many buildings, or do anything else in the name of building our pride and ego. Our vision is to minister in an increased capacity to our community as God allows and as we grow closer to Him. Every ministry and work of this congregation is for the glory of God and not men. Our specific hope is to one day have a Christian school to provide Christian education to our community. We also have a desire to minister to children in public schools, residents of nursing homes, inmates at the Frederick Detention Center, and patients at Frederick Memorial Hospital. We have a special love for the communities of Woodsboro, Walkersville, Keymar, Thurmont, Taneytown, and everyone in between. We pray that God will continue to open doors for us and allow us to reach, not only our local communities, but eventually part of the whole world with the Gospel message.

In closing, it must be noted that the people of HBC are not perfect people. We all have our struggles and besetting sins. This is the sad reality of living in a world filled with the flesh and Devil. However, we strive to become more like Jesus and, through His grace, He allows us to become better people a little bit at a time. As the Apostle Paul said, “…By the grace of God I am what I am…” (I Corinthians 15:10). We do not strive to be better than anyone else or to compare ourselves to anyone. We strive simply to be who Christ wants us to be and encourage others to do the same. Every person that walks through our doors is welcome and receives an equal amount of love, service, and respect from the pastor, church leaders, and congregation. We will do our best to serve, teach, love, and encourage you in the Lord. – Pastor Bussard