Special Music

Music has been overemphasized to the point of overpowering the services in many of today’s churches. The purpose of music is to worship God in Spirit and in Truth and point hearts to God in preparation for the preaching (John 4:24). We endeavor to do these things at Heritage Park Baptist.

1. Songs That Are Played and Sung

We believe in singing the old hymns and presenting music in a truly worshipful manner before the Lord. We also believe in keeping as much of the world out of the church as possible and thus do not use instruments or songs that feed the soul (flesh) (II Corinthians 6:14-17). Instead, we endeavor to be filled with the Spirit and perform in the Spirit while singing or playing the Truth of God’s Word. Our songs are doctrinally full, instead of being stale and inedible.

2. Manner of the Musicians and Vocalists

Our musicians and vocalists do not play or sing to glorify self or showcase their talents, but perform to please their Father in Heaven! We do not have the habit of clapping in our services to give glory to men, but praise God to give glory to Him! Our musicians and vocalists are those who have a testimony of godliness in the church and want to use their gifts for the Lord!











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