The Bussard Family

James and Sarah Bussard with Andrea, Jimmy, and Phoebe

James Bussard grew up in Sharpsburg, MD in a Christian home and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior at Camp Tohiglo in Mercersburg, PA at the age of seven. He felt the calling of the Lord upon his life when he was eighteen years old to serve Him in full-time Christian service. He and his wife both met at and graduated from Bible college with Bachelor’s Degrees in Pastoral Ministry and Elementary Education respectively.

Sarah Bussard grew up in Bowdoin, ME in a pastor’s home and accepted the Lord Jesus as her Savior in 2002. She and James Bussard met at Bible college, recognized God’s involvement in their relationship, and were married in June 2003. The Lord has since blessed them with three children: Phoebe (born 2004), Jimmy (born 2006), and Andrea (born 2007). They are thankful that all three of their children have made solid professions of faith.

Heritage Baptist Church is James Bussard’s first pastorate and he and his family are excited to serve the Lord in the Woodsboro, MD area. James was an assistant to the pastor, music director, and Sunday School teacher until 2010, when a door of opportunity opened to the pastorate of Heritage Baptist. Through God’s blessing, wisdom, and leading, the church family is refocusing on the Lord Jesus Christ and growing together in Him through sound doctrinal preaching, faithful witnessing, and consistent discipleship.

James and Sarah believe the church exists for the purpose of doing the work of Jesus Christ on Earth in His absence. This means we work hard to preach the Gospel to the unsaved, disciple the saved, and do good works in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, church services are geared towards equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry through prayer, preaching God’s Word, fellowship, and other biblical forms of worship.


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