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Finding Soul Winning In Scripture

It has been said that the job of being a soul winner is not in the Bible. Using the language of the Bible for illustration: he that catcheth fish is rightly called a fisherman. He that farmeth the ground is

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The Will Of God (Part 1/2)

The General Will Of God (Mark 3:35) “What is God’s will for your life?” This question haunts so many believers, young and old alike. The supposedly enigmatic and unknowable will of God frustrates and challenges the faith of many, sometimes

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The Lord Is His Memorial (Hosea 12:1-7)

What is your memorial? Your heritage? Your legacy? If you were to die today and others passed by your casket, what would they remember you for? When people get up to speak at your funeral, what would they say about

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Seven Things God Hates (Proverbs 6:16-19)

  There are seven things listed in Proverbs that God takes the time to tell us that He hates. This spawned out of a previous study on the word “proud” in Proverbs, which is forthcoming. To be fair, we will

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A Study On “Pride” In Proverbs

  While searching the scriptures, the Lord brought an interesting study across my path. This study is on the word “pride” in Proverbs; there will be another on the word “proud”. One of the most dangerous and damaging things in

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Why Do Church Splits Occur?

Before I get into the lion’s den, allow me to present my credentials concerning this post. I am a Christian (a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ) who has been subject to at least four church splits throughout my thirty

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